If you are looking for a green fence, you will soon come to the beech hedge. This is not for nothing, because this hedge has a lot of advantages as a fence. In this article I give you 5 reasons to replace your fence with the beech hedge now.

Many people are afraid that when they choose a green fence, they will look into the neighbor’s garden in the winter. Quite logical, because most trees and plants lose their leaves in the fall. The beech hedge is hardy, so it also offers enough privacy in winter. Do not be alarmed if the hedge turns brown in winter, this is part of it. Note: you should not confuse the beech hedge with the hornbeam. This is because it loses a large part of its leaves in the winter.

fast grower
The beech hedge is a real fast grower. This is a big advantage. This means that you will quickly have a full hedge. This allows you to create the privacy you wanted faster. On the other hand, it also means that you will have to prune the hedge every now and then. If you don’t do this, the hedge will grow further into your garden and you will (unknowingly) surrender part of your garden.

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